Elite Flight Services, LLC.

Now operating 9 aircraft, one full motion simulator, and 24,000 square feet of hangar space, we are here to help! Located in Griffin, Georgia, the offices, facilities, and staff at Elite Flight Services is more than capable of helping you complete flight training, aircraft type ratings, aircraft maintenance, or aircraft management.

For the Pilot
Our specialty lies in pilot training and completion of Multi- engine ATP certificates, but we can also complete Private, Commercial, Tailwheel, BFR, Complex, High Performance, as well as PIC and SIC type ratings on either the Cessna Citation series, or the Douglas DC-3. Fly our vintage Beech 18, or get some glass cockpit training with GNS 430/530, GTN 650/750 and G500 or G1000 avionics to sharpen your skills. If you completed your ATP written test prior to the August 1, 2014 deadline, now is the time to get that ATP on your certificate! The deadline for doing this is two years from when you passed that written test. See our combination specials on our PRICING page that will get you a multi-engine certificate AND a type rating all in the same visit! For a limited time, you can get your new multi-engine ATP along with a new type rating that is less than half the cost of buying the new required $20,000 simulator course now required in order to re-take your ATP written. Do it while you can! Several other discounted programs are also now available for combining more than one rating.

For the Aircraft Owner
We can help with pre-purchase, pre-buy, ferry, test flight, interior and avionics upgrades, weight and balance, N Number change, or annual inspections. We can complete most piston single and twin engine annual inspections in less than 5 days. Free shuttle service to and from your airport, and free crew cars are always available to maintenance customers.

For the Jet Owner
All in one visit, we can take care of any scheduled or unscheduled maintenance items on your jet. We offer a more than 50% discount on all Citation phase inspections as compared to list Cessna Citation Service Center prices. We can complete all work and CESCOM documentation to have you up and flying as fast as possible. We can also help with avionics, N Number changes, or RVSM certifications. All in one visit! If your jet is currently based at a location with very expensive hangar and jet fuel rates, we can help. We can hangar your jet and provide access to our deeply discounted JET fuel supply, while keeping it in top condition and always ready to fly. If you have a jet, we can save you thousands of dollars annually. Ask for details about our jet management program.

For the Prospective Jet Owner
As a jet management customer, you will have access to our deeply discounted JET fuel supply, dedicated hangar space, and the continuous maintenance of your aircraft. You can live, work, and fly out of any airport that you want! Your jet will stay fueled and ready to fly at moment’s notice. We can either crew your jet for you, or deliver it to any airport requested in order to start your trip. When your trip is over, we will return it to our maintenance base and service it in anticipation of your next trip. If you have the need for corporate jet travel and are looking for a jet, we can help you locate, negotiate, and deliver your new aircraft. We have the capability to complete paint, interior, N Number changes, required inspections, and RVSM certifications. Go from point to point when you want. Return when you want. You will never have to wait in a security line again. You can be up and flying in your own jet in less than 60 days!